Assalamu'alaikum: Welcome to SANA

Sufi Association of North America

Objective: Change In Condition

Muhammad (saw): The Mercy for the Entire Universe

  • Muhammad (saw): Allah (SWT)'s Perfect Creation who was Divinely Inspired and Directed to Beneficially Change the Condition of humanity towards Belief and out of ignorance, and in doing so, resulted in our pursuit of knowledge and strides towards the Straight Path:

  1.  Allah SWT, Whom we Believe 
  2. Righteous Deeds, what we strive to do 
  3. the (Divine) Truth, which we unequivocally seek to speak  and 
  4. Patience, for what we have now and what is to come. 


  • The Chosen Believer that pursues a Change in Condition, and then assists mankind to want what they need - the Straight Path to Allah SWT.  This is achieved through the perfect direction from Prophet Muhammad (saw), the unlettered Prophet, in whose Love the Chosen Believer is guided to change their condition.  Once this is obtained, the Chosen Believer assists others to seek this Higher Goal, thus resulting in a Change in Condition of the Universe itself by the Grace of Allah SWT.

SANA - Our Mission

  • To explore, investigate and collaborate in the  spiritual pursuit for humanity's change in condition, through Love, Compassion and Peace, so we may rise above corruption and tyranny in order to achieve: 

  1. Cheerful Submission to Allah SWT 
  2. Sincere Gratitude to Allah SWT for what we have, and 
  3. Patience in Allah SWT for what is to come. 

Let's Collaborate

Meet and Greet

To Love is the essence of the Sufi way.  Meeting and greeting one another is therefore essential!


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